Ninneko, A Fun P2E Game With Cats, Is Launched On All Platforms

Ninneko is a game set in a spacious forest, filled with peculiar villages. The first villagers to enter the forest were Alpha Ninneko. As the number of Ninneko grew, the land became scarce. This led to an ultimate war, in which the villagers started invading one another. To help Ninneko conquer the forest, players must build new villages and establish a strong empire. Each team has a unique class, and they must be used to attack enemy villages.


Ninneko is an RPG game on BSC, where players can earn by building lineups to defeat enemy villagers. Ninneko features a token economy model, which allows players to enjoy the game’s diversity. Its main distinction is that it allows players to enjoy a rich diversity of characters. Ninneko is a game that promises to bring a new kind of gaming experience: decentralized financial gaming. Players can earn MATA tokens by playing, breeding, battling, and other in-game activities.