NIO Completes Its Repurchase Offer

NIO, one of the top companies in manufacturing electrical vehicles announces of completion of the repurchase offer to Convertible Senior Notes that are operating until the year 2024. The company was founded in late 2014. The company has a big mission to change people’s lives into a plausible and great experience when using their auto products. NIO has several services that deliver IT solutions to the ordinary daily lives of everyone who users their products. NIO has launched several new products starting from 2017 to 2019. There’ve been many launched since then.

NIO provides service centers and accredited third-party service centers. It also focuses on legal and liability insurance, as well as automobile liability insurance by liability insurance companies, as well as roadside assistance and data packages, and car loan services. In addition, the company provides NIO certified, used car inspection, evaluation, acquisition, and sales services. NIO works with Mobileye N.V. And has strategic cooperation. Development of self-driving cars and self-driving cars for the consumer market.