NIO (NIO) Is Dropping Off The Stock Prices By 6% Over the Week : What’s the Buzz?

Within a month, the company is rapidly losing the value of its stocks. Today, the company has overcome the price mark at $46. Analyzing last year’s data, this is 24% less than it was in February 2021. However, the monthly statistic shows that NIO (NIO) is recovering from the May dip when the prices were $31,22 per stock.NIO is a Chinese international vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, focusing on designing and developing electric automobiles. The company is also implicated in the FIA Formula E Championship, although NIO has ended financial support for the team after selling it to Lisheng Racing. Currently, the total revenue of the company is equal to 2 billion $.

In August 2020, now introduced Battery as a Service (BaaS) and formed a battery wealth management company in collaboration with global companies. Each contributing RMB200 million into the risk for 25% equity. Base helps lower the buy price of Nio electric vehicles by about 25%. In May 2021, Nio announced a Norway expansion plan, saying it would begin supply cars to Norway by September 2021.

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