Nokia Expects To Exceed 2021 Financial Guidance

Nokia is a big company engaged in solutions for mobile and communications globally with a 34 billion dollar market cap with the latest information. Today, the companies stock market illustrates a positive sign by reaching 1.15% to $6.21. Despite that, last Wednesday, the price has sharply dropped, losing over 4%. The company has also noted that the next earnings release will be published on February 3, 2022. In comparison, analysts are already predicting the company’s revenues. What do analysts predict? 

According to this report, analysts expect Nokia to earn $0.13 per share. At the same time, net sales are estimated at $7.4 billion, which is 5.55% less than in the previous year. Separately, Finnish equipment manufacturer Nokia provided an updated forecast on financial indicators. For the whole of 2021, Nokia estimated a comparable operating margin of 12.4%-12.6%, which is higher than in the last year. Annual sales at the level of 22.2 billion euros, which roughly fits into the previously announced “fork” of 21.7-22.7 billion euros. The company said that the core business results in the fourth quarter of 2021 were at the level of expectations.