Nordic American Tankers (NAT) Stock Gains 13% In a Month: Time To Buy?

Since February Nordic American Tankers (NYSE: NAT) have started growing vertically as oil and gas prices surged steadily in Europe. Energy products seem to be transported only by sea and NAT is one of the potential shipping service providers for gas and oil products. If entire Europe chooses energy products from the U.S and Middles East NAT will start seeing an abruptly rising revenue and of course, earnings will skyrocket within a quarter of this year.

NAT stock just entered a bullish trend

Two months ago NAT began growing along with other marine shipping stocks like SHIP, and TOPS. Currently, the stock is bearing a net loss according to negative earnings from previous financial reports. Hopefully, next quarter NAT may enjoy positive earnings if oil and gas from the U.S and middles East become essential energy products for more than a billion populated Europe.

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