Northwest (NWBO) Goes Parabolic: Any Hope For Breakout?

On Monday NWBO rose 7.39% to $0.9398 on over three million shares volume without news. As the company is expanding its production facility in Sawston, UK investors tend to invest more funds in NWBO stock. Northwest is looking for more ways to produce its DCVax, a therapeutic to fight cancer cells.

NWBO to soar higher

Biotech preferring stock traders are waiting for substantial outcomes from the company in prepping all resources to produce all available drugs. That’s why NWBO is stuck under the $1 mark since November 2021. Right now it is climbing slowly so it won’t lose more points again. After DCVax gets approval for being produced in the UK the revenue and earnings will soar crazily. As a result, Northwest may be listed on one of the American stock exchanges soon.