Novacyt SA (NCYT.L) Signs an Agreement With Public Health England (PHE)

In comparison to 2020, share prices in 2021 remain low. The highest share price was also recorded in 2020, at 1,194GBP. The second-highest price at 1,126GBP was set in 2021. However, it started to fall again and from the beginning of 2021 till now it decreased by 834.4GBP. On the 19th of July, it opened at 343.40GBP and closed at 355.60GBP exceeding the previous close by 11.20GBP. The day’s share price range was 340.00GBP – 357.37GBP. The average volume is greater than the total volume by 220k GBP. The EPS is 194.

Novacyt SA, a clinical diagnostics company, has signed a national framework agreement with Public Health England (PHE). PHE and NHS hospitals may now acquire Novacyt’s certified goods without having to wait for direct contract awards.

The news was revealed as part of a trading update that included information on research and development (R&D) efforts as well as a UK operating update.

Lora Nilsson

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