Novatar NFTs Get Huge Attention From Mass Media

The Novatar took over Times Square on February 10th. This exclusive project is one of the few NFT projects that get attention from the media. The Novatar is a digital avatar collection that will transform into adults on the blockchain. It features a limited number of 25k baby avatars that can be used as digital identities on all social media platforms. The Novatar is located between 45th and 46th streets in Times Square. The 25 thousand Novatars are first created as babies on the blockchain. They can then be turned into adults after 30 days. The process is irreversible and can never go back.

Novatars have a variety of genes, each of which is responsible for different aspects of their appearance. For instance, the genes that control skin color and hair color are among the basic genes. Some Novatars will have genes that allow them to become professional athletes, scientists, or even astronauts. They mimic real-life in the virtual world, where people can celebrate diversity. Due to the NFT verification available on Twitter Blue and Meta, the Novatars became the most notable project in the digital identity space.