Novo Integrated Sciences Goes Wild On Uplisting Buzz

When a stock is uplisted to a bigger exchange with a much bigger pool of investors then it almost always sees a spike and that is what seemed to happen with the Novo Integrated Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVOS) stock on Wednesday.

Novo Integrated Sciences Goes Wild On Uplisting Buzz

The NVOS stock had been trading over the counter but since this Tuesday it has been trading on the Nasdaq Exchange following a successful uplisting. On Wednesday, investors piled onto the stock in a big way and it rallied by as big as 70%.

In this regard, it should also be added that the Novo stock had moved sharply during pre-market trading on Thursday as well.  An uplisting to an exchange like Nasdaq is a major boost for companies since the stock gets exposure to a much bigger investor pool and that includes institutional investors as well. On Wednesday, the trading volume in the Novo stock had gone up to as huge as 34 million. Investors could consider keeping track of the Novo stock today.

Anthony Gonzales

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