Now ONINO’s Token Becomes The New Investment Opportunity

ONINO is a distributed ledger that enables users to connect their meta-information to their wallets in a uniform and standardized way. Its cross-chain nature enables users to connect their assets and personal information to any network. Its ecosystem will allow users to create digital twin representations of various physical objects and processes. At its core, ONINO is a custom interconnected wallet that will allow users to securely store and exchange information between multiple cryptocurrencies and other ecosystems. The ONINO wallet will allow users to store and display the details of their various wallets in a centralized and easily-accessible dashboard.


The ONI token is a utility token that serves as the main payment gateway for transactions within the ONINO ecosystem. The team is looking for individuals and organizations who are interested in becoming part of the ecosystem and contributing to its continuous development. ONI will initially be launched as a token on the Binance Smart Chain. Its goal is to provide holders with a secure investment opportunity.