Now The Main Holder Of Elektros Is A Billionaire Dr Michael Dezer

Elektros is an American manufacturing company. More recently, it received a license for the device, which is needed by large electrical manufacturers such as NIO, Envoy, Lucid Motors, Nikola, and others. In the near future, it plans to produce its own electric SUVs and generate energy. November 16 was a significant day for the company as the stock price blasted off 1783% to an all-time high of $ 5.65. Until that day, the highest worth was considered to be $ 4.47, at which the stock was trading in 2016. During the last month, the cost was very close to 0, it was plus or minus 0.2 $. The reason for this explosion was the acquisition of most of the shares by billionaire Michael Dezer.

Dr. Michael Dezer is the founder of the real estate services company Dezer Properties. He has been passionate about cars since the age of 16, and this growing love made him a collector whose range is complemented by both vintage rare cars and modern ones. Dezer is known for his ability to spot promising opportunities and capitalize on them. And this time he couldn’t help but notice the global possibilities of the production of electric machines. Thus, he acquired the shares of Electros and became the most important shareholder in the company.