NRx Pharmaceuticals (NRXP) Studies Turn Good: Stock Jumps

Data collected by Prof. David Schoenfeld, the world-renowned statistician, indicates that after being treated with ZYESAMI, patients with critical COVID-19 and respiratory failure experienced a substantial improvement. NRXP stock is rising over 40% today, reaching $9.66. He analyzed the data from the COVID-AIV trial, which showed that many patients with respiratory failure who were treated with remedesivir did not reach their goal. The study revealed that among those who were given aviptadine, those who died had a higher chance of being alive at 60 days. Prior to the start of the trial, remedesivir was not considered a co-variable in the protocol established by the US Food and Drug Administration. A post-hoc analysis was performed to analyze the effects of remedesivir on survival and recovery.

Tiikr healthcare workflow automationThe data analysis reinforced a statistically significant survival advantage that was observed in the trial when compared to placebo. It also showed that the patients who received aviptadil had a significantly higher chance of reaching the primary endpoint. Following the FDA’s decision not to grant an emergency use authorization for ZYESAMI, NRx has narrowed its request to a BTD for COVID-19 respiratory failure patients. The study shows that aviptadil significantly increases the odds of recovering and survival among COVID patients with respiratory failure. These patients are most likely to recover and leave the ICU if they are treated with the drug.

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