NTN Buzztime Jumps While S&P 500 and Dow 30 Falling

For long NTN Buzztime (NYSE: NTN) has been struggling to gain major market share in the entertainment. Within 5 years $17.00 stock fell to $1.85 due to fierce competition. Today’s announcement of a merger with Brooklyn ImmunoTherapeutics makes NTN soar more than 160% while NASDAQ rises as tech stocks slowly gain.

S&P 500 is facing a 0.21% negative change because of plunging tech stocks. Furthermore, Dow 30 is losing around 100 points when Cisco and ExxonMobil are declining by 5 and 1 points relatively.

This is not a complete picture of the current market. After the market closes there could be different numbers while business news pop instantly by lifting markets so shorting parties may rest for a while.