Nucor Releases Record Quarterly Earnings 

Nucor Corporation is an American big steel company. Last week, on January 27, Nucor reported strong earnings for the 4th quarter and the whole of 2021. The report turned out to be a record in terms of profit for both the quarter and the year.

The results almost met the predicted values and even turned out to be higher than average market expectations. In 2021 Nucor’s consolidated net earnings were almost $6.83 billion, up from $721.5 million the previous year. And, the consolidated net sales climbed by 81% to $36.48 billion, while the previous year was at $20.14 billion.

Such strong financial indicators were largely facilitated by a successful development strategy and favorable market conditions. For several decades, Nucor has been actively buying up other steel casting companies, which allowed the company to become the largest metal producer in the United States, and the corporation’s enterprises spread throughout the country.

In accordance, for the 4th quarter, its net earnings came out of $2,250.4 million or $7.97 per share. The volume of products shipped by the company’s factories raised by 11% compared to 2020, to 28,247,000 million tons, with an exceeding 64% in the average selling price per ton.