Nutriband (NTRB) Dips Amid New Agreement: What Should You Know?

Yesterday, it was announced that Nutriband Incorporation entered into a special manufacturing agreement with Diomics which is situated in San Diego for the company’s technology Diocheck, which is used for the detection of the antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. 

Looking at the performance of the stock on the chart for the last 5 days, we can see that the stock from increasing with a tiny speed from $5.91 on October 6 to $7.35 on October 11. After, it sharply increased to $11.83 on October 12 and then again declined to $9.64 for today.

CEO of the company, Gareth Sheridan said that this exclusive agreement with Diomics about the production of the Diocheck will provide the company and its subsidiary Pocono Pharma regarding the production with a great chance to demonstrate their opportunities with the help of new and innovative technologies.

Mainly, the  Diocheck patch is able to observe the critical gap between the time where the individual got the vaccine and when the new antibodies are appearing in the body.