Nuvei (NVEI.TO) Collaborates With Judopay To Launch Mobile Payments To KFC España

The Nuvei (NVEI.TO) stock increased gradually by fluctuating from C$87.27 on June 16 to C$99.68 on June 24. However, the price decreased and fluctuated between C$97.87 and C$99.91 from June 24 to June 29. Despite this, the price rose by fluctuating to C$104.98 on July 6. Finally, after falling and fluctuating between C$102.87 and C$103.96 from July 8 to July 14, the price declined to C$99.82 on July 15.

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Nuvei (NVEI.TO) worldwide partner in payment technology for prosperous brands and Judopay, leader of providing mobile technologies, has reported that they allow mobile payments for clients in KFC restaurants all over Spain. Partnership with Nuvei and Judopay will enable KFC España to make unrestricted mobile payments to its clients in its nearly 150 branches in Spain.

According to Philip Fayer, Nuvei’s Chair and CEO, close relations with Judopa contributed to the increase of KFC España in the digital sphere and the company is proud to give this well-known brand the advantages of our payment technology and networks of local equine partners. As for Nuvei, this proves that our focus on flexibility and localization of services brings dividends on any scale.

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