NuZee Stock Is Rising Again Amid Partnership With Cuvée Coffee

Yesterday, NuZee, Inc. (NUZE) showed great performance. It gained $3.29 in the previous trading session, marking a 164.5% jump. And today it continues to rise by almost 4%, reaching $5.3. From 08/11/2021, coffee lovers can purchase coffee from NUZE’s partner, Cuvée Coffee, in filter bags that can be used once, which are produced by the first company as Cuvée’s coffee will be on the shelves in stores 3,000 Walmart stores. This collaboration provides a new option for coffee enthusiasts to get their hands on this high-quality and practical format, which is great for individuals on the road who want to experience life’s adventures.

May 2018 La Marzocco Subscription - Cuvee CoffeeCuvée specially created these convenient filter bags, with which you can drink coffee without any problems without special equipment. Each package contains 14.2 grams of homemade mixture, which are called Solo. Cuvée prioritizes convenience and quality, as seen by the filter bags. Without any additional brewing equipment, you can enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee on the go. For a long hike or a trip, you will be more comfortable with these Solo packages, as they almost do not take up space in your bag for a hike. The most important thing is to carry a thermos of hot water with you, and you are already enjoying coffee.