Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Attains 64 MH/s Ethereum Hashrate Record Through Latest LHR Code Within T-Rex Miner

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti just blew away skeptical miners despite it’s being crippled by Nvidia’s LHR hashrate limitations. Recently, exclusive T-Rex miner for Nvidia cards has released version 0.24.6 to increase stability of LHR GPUs’ hashrate performance by unlocking 74.5% potential. Thanks to initial efforts by NBMiner developer team for introducing LHR unlocks.

Specifically, eastern European mining enthusiast by name Сега Майнер could unlock 64 MH/s from RTX 3070 Ti with special line of codes in RaveOS software. That code looks like this “–lhr-tune 74.5 –autotune-step-size 0.1“. It simply provides stepping instructions for LHR mode in auto tuning within T-Rex code of lines. Luckily, MSI version of RTX 3070 Ti has worked out new LHR mode effectively by hovering around 62 to 65 MH/s.

Overclocking settings for RTX 3070 Ti stays more of the same, memory clock at +1300 MHz (2600 MHz in HiveOS)  and absolute core clock speed at 1350 MHz. Most probably, MSI version of custom cooled RTX 3070 Ti cards usually come with Samsung GDDR6X memory for better hashrate compared to Gigabyte or Zotac ones. Overall, 2-3 MH/s of hashrate speed was unlocked by T-Rex miner team.