Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Generates 60 MH/s Ethereum Mining Performance Utilizing NBMiner’s Latest LHR Unlock

Mining software LHR unlocking rally had started since Nvidia decided to manipulate it’s GPUs memory controller hardware and driver handshake to limit the Ethereum mining hashrate in order to stop miners to touch gaming cards during silicone chip shortage. Anyhow, NBMiner developers could be able unlock more potential out of RTX 3070 Ti by up to 60 MH/s with sweet and precise setting in Windows and HiveOS.

Dozens of mining YouTube channels post about unlocking the LHR cards using other miner software but the most interesting one is NBMiner v39.6 which was reviewed by eastern european miner ILia S and American one The Life of a Miner. To produce more hashrate, miners tend to tweak Nvidia’s hardware clock settings in memory and core frequencies.

Precisely, in Windows 10 the RTX 3070 Ti must be locked at absolute 1450 MHz clock and +1300 MHz memory frequencies set by MSI Afterburner. In contrast, HiveOS settings differ in memory clock so the miner person must double the Windows’ memory amount which is +2700 Mhz. Rest assured, if GPU’s thermal pads are higher quality than substandard ones you may be able to reach up to 60 MH/s stable hashrate using modest priced RTX 3070 Ti LHR GPU.

Source: ILia S & The Life of a Miner via YT

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