NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ampere Graphics Card’s Picture Allegedly Leaked Online

Most-awaited Nvidia’s flagship gaming GPU might be on it’s way to global consumer market. According to Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, upcoming Ampere GPU architecture family will be based on 7nm (Nano Meter) manufacturing process just like a year old AMD’s RDNA architecture GPUs. Current stack of Turing RTX 2000 graphics chips are rocking on 12nm process technology and still provide efficient gaming expereince but not good at real-time Ray Tracing rendering in triple A titles in terms of frame rate numbers.

Recent fresh leaked picture snapshot from chiphell forum indicates that future flagship RTX 3080 monster GPU will likely be using blower style cooler for reference cards. Anyway, take this leak with a pinch of salt, sometimes, people make their own cooler and attach to current gen GPUs as a result claiming the publicity. From the design style you might be thinking it’s an Yeston custom cooler card since that third party company does pentagon shaped patterns on the fan frame. Somehow it looks really authentic from the RTX 3080 seal on the bottom plate and GeForce RTX sign on side cover.

With full of patience, enthusiasts have to wait for official NVIDIA’s reference cooler design for RTX 3080 beast. Some online rumors are suggesting that August 2020 date is potentially great month for Ampere gaming GPU release.

Source: Chiphell Forum & HXL via Twitter