NVIDIA (NVDA) Stock Is Back To New Highs: What Next?

The graphic processing unit manufacturer NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) saw its stock move on Friday. The stock jumped by as much as 5% yesterday as optimism grew among investors with regard to the company’s growth prospects.

NVIDIA (NVDA) Stock Is Back To New Highs: What Next?

In order to get an idea about the company’s potential, investors need to take a look at its first-quarter results that were announced this past week. The company generated revenues of $5.66 billion, which reflected a year on year surge of as much as 84%.

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The massive surged in revenues was primarily due to the 79% rise in revenues from data centers and a 106% jump in gaming segment sales. In addition to that, NVIDIA also managed to deliver earnings per share of $3.03, and that reflects a year-on-year surge of 106%. Hence, it is easy to see why investors are excited about the company’s growth prospects. Investors could keep the stock in their watch lists at this point. –

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