NVIDIA (NVDA) Stock Remains Bearish Since January: Right Time to Buy?

Semiconductor stocks are plunging to find the bottom price for a while. This year may be destined to be unlucky for big chipmakers but a vital period starts for “buy and forget” stock traders who really do not care about recent news and keep buying without looking at the price. So Nvidia stock is still a big opportunity for them although it is digging further.

NVDA is bearish but closer to a trillion market cap

Regregression can’t continue endlessly, it will stop one day but these days will never come back, and perceiving them as good moments through buying more NVDA shares will eventually bring you to a new level of boundless wealth.

The stock closed at $244.07 on Tuesday. Next month or next year you may not see such a low price from the market. Furthermore, NVDA pays dividends to shareholders every quarter of a year. Last month it already paid $0.04 per share.

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