Nvidia RTX A4000 Reaches 66 MH/s Ethereum Hashrate Performance Through EVGA Overclocking Software

Nvidia’s midrange workstation RTX A4000 GPU does not possess LHR limiter within driver to hardware handshake. Therefore, crypto miners are grabbing them quickly before Nvidia will be up to overtake the crypto craze situation by adding prices or putting LHR limiter again.

RTX A4000 GPU hashrate eth

Prominent YouTube channel Red Fox Crypto has managed to achieve 66 MH/s stable Ethereum hashrate with RTX A4000 through the help of EVGA Precision X1 OC software. Precisely, T-Rex miner listens Precision X1 software effectively after tweaking the GPU’s memory up to 8551 MHz frequency and limiting the power at 93%. Full system power consumption might go till 190W depending on other hardware sipping electricity from the wall.

In previous crypto mining contents, RTX A4000 GPU was only making 64 MH/s due to MSI Afterburner couldn’t maintain stable memory clock speed. So, using EVGA’s Precision X1 is the only way to unlock RTX A4000 in Ethereum mining with stable 66 MH/s performance.

In North America, miners may get RTX A4000 below $2000 since gamers are not interested into buying slow workstation GPU for gaming needs. Nevertheless, if superior mining RTX 3080 LHR gaming GPU costs within similar price tag then forget about getting RTX A4000 due to resale value of gaming GPU beating the workstation one.

Source: Red Fox Crypto via YT