NXT-ID Inc (NXTD) Stock Recovers 20% From Wednesday’s Low: What Next?

Investors are almost always on the lookout for stocks that are not that expensive and by that principle, it might be a good idea for investors to start taking an interest in NXT-ID Inc (NASDAQ:NXTD).

NXT-ID Inc (NXTD) Stock Recovers 20% From Wednesday's Low: What Next?

The company is involved in supplying technology products and other solutions to the healthcare sector. After having hit its lows recently, the Nxt-ID stock has managed to recover strongly and rebounded by as much as 20% so far.

One of the things that investors could perhaps look into is the improvement in its capital position. While that may be the case, the Nxt-ID stock, like most other penny stocks has also demonstrated considerable volatility. For instance, it had traded for 20 cents a share for much of last year but went on a rally in December and ended the year at $1.60 a share.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to be aware that the Nxt-ID stock is also in danger of being delisted from NASDAQ for not being able to fulfill the exchange’s minimum bid price requirement of $1.

Michael Rowels

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