Oasis (ROSE) Crypto Loses Momentum: Hold and Keep Buying?

After gaining enormous points ROSE token is intentionally declining to gain more zeros as the crypto market has already entered the red zone. Until January 14 2021 ROSE was an unpopular token with a copycat origin when thousands of tokens were around to win as many fans as possible. Its number 97 rank on Coinmarketcap somehow encourages the masses to buy the tokens while they are cheap.

2022 is a year of stagnation for the whole crypto market. New tokens rise, fall, and disappear forever. Oasis may live for long for its continuous improvements but the harsh market conditions could make the tokens not liquid. Therefore this year the fans should keep buying ROSE tokens if it is strongly expected to survive the cold crypto winter. Only reasonable traders earn fairly enough on falling BTC as it is liquid anywhere.

rose token