Obsidium’s Advantages And Aspirations

Obsidium appeared recently, and its token has over 650 holders, which means that now they have the ability to manage. Its price today reached a maximum of $0.6, which represents a 500% growth at the time of 9 am today. However, the worth fell to $0.2 as quickly as it had risen. Thus, the current CoinMarketCap ranking is #3055, with a market cap of $1,464,967. OBS is like a battery for ecosystem Obsidium and is for commissions, rewards, staking, etc. The selling fee is 6%, most of which goes to the liquidity pool, 1% to the marketing wallet, and 0.5% to the buyback wallet.


Obsidium is a cross-chain ecosystem serving as a fuel for the crypto space with DeFi, AMM & NFTs. It has the advantages of high throughput, fast confirmation time, namely less than a second, and a $0.01 fee. It strives to bring the benefits of the ecosystems of the metaverse to everyone, for which it will support the research and development of the Obsidium ecosystem. You can see support in the form of video reviews for this project from various YouTubers.