Octopus Protocol Intends To Buy Back 2 Million OPS Tokens

Octopus is a DeFi protocol for creating and managing various decentralized assets. To perform this function, it uses blockchain and smart contracts. Its token is traded under the symbol OPS, the total volume of which is 150,000,000. The price of one coin is $ 0.17, which is 139% higher than it cost a day ago. Moreover, today at noon it reached a weekly high of $0.22 with a trading volume of $ 654.582. This is $ 719.315 less, which explains the current high interest among traders. You can buy it on the Gate.io, ZT, BitMart, and Decoin exchanges.

Octopus ProtocolOctopus Protocol is reporting a buyback of 2 million tokens at approximately $ 0.11 each on November 29 at 5 pm UTC on BitMart and Gates.io. Half of the purchased goods will be burned, while the other half will be distributed over 12 months. This program once again confirms the belief in the project. Moreover, the team believes that it will increase the value of the token, thereby rekindling community trust. Judging by the last buyback, which favorably influenced the value of assets and increased the OPS coin by 1200%, the team is confident that this time the upcoming event will show results that are much better than the previous one.