Ocuphire Pharma (OCUP) Strikes 44% Amid Recent News

Occuphire announced that it has registered the first subjects in Phase 3 clinical trial evaluating Nyxol Eye Drops for the treatment of mydriasis. The trial is a multi-center, placebo-controlled, double-blind, multi-site study designed to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and pharmacological intervention of Nyxol Eye Drops in the treatment of mydriasis. OCUP stock drives up 45% today in the pre-market session. Nyxol is currently being studied in two Phase 3 clinical trials, which were both successful. These trials executed their primary and secondary endpoints. With the completion of the MIRA-3 study, which is expected in 2022, the company plans to submit a New Drug Administration (NDA) for Nyxol for the reversal of mydriasis.

Dr. David Boyer, M.D, noted that he would like to offer Nyxol to his patients in order to improve their care. As a specialist, he realizes that dilation is often the only solution for treating wet AMD and DME. Ocuphire Pharma operates on developing and commercializing products for the treatment of various ocular disorders. Its lead product is Nyxol eye drop, which is a daily eye drop for treating disruption during the night and dim light vision. It is also developing APX3330 for the treatment of choroidal vascular diseases.

Anthony Gonzales

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