OLB Develops A Crazy Strike As Supporting Mastercard

OLB Group, a provider of cloud-based payment solutions, today announced that it is ready to accept Mastercard Bitcoin payments. With this new feature, its merchants can now process Bitcoin transactions immediately. OLB stock rose 87% in the previous session and is dropping in today’s pre-market 16.40%. It’s trading at $7.19.

Ronny Yakov, the CEO of OLB Group, said that Mastercard’s support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should accelerate the acceptance of these new forms of payment. The SecurePay Gateway is a Mastercard SDP that enables merchants to process multiple cryptocurrencies. It also provides end-to-end cryptocurrency commerce capabilities.

OmniSoft’s point-of-sale solutions allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency transactions with a variety of popular cryptocurrency wallets. OLB Group is a financial technology company that offers a variety of payment processing and business management solutions. Some of its offerings include OmniSoft, SecurePay, and the Crowdfunding platform. It offers a variety of software solutions, including omnichannel platforms and web apps.

OLB Group is a leading provider of digital commerce solutions. The company’s platform, which is powered by its patented OLB Mobile app, enables merchants to reach out to consumers in all 50 states. Its subsidiary, DMint, is a Bitcoin mining company that is focused on delivering efficient mining technology to its customers.