Olympus (OHM) Plunges Today: What Should You Know About The Token?

Over the last hour, Olympus cryptocurrency has risen in value by 13.33% ($129.40), in 24 hours it has lost 16.69% ($157.39). Relative to the minimum value of the Olympus in the amount of $164.40, the current growth is 669.38%. Relative to the maximum value of the Olympus cryptocurrency in the amount of $1,479.41, the current value is 74.39%. Olympus (OHM) is a floating algorithmic currency.

This means it has systems in place to maintain stability and predictability without being attached to any particular asset. 90% of the profits will be distributed to the participants, with 10% going to the DAO (these distributions will be changed, if necessary, by the decision of the DAO). With the help of DAI, all awards are paid in OHM. As in the case of actual currency, this system maintains a stable internal value and lowers the incentive role of growth in favor of accumulation. You are striving to gain more dollars, not hoping that your dollars will become more valuable.