Omega Diagnostics (ODX.L) Shares Jump 4.90%: How Many Company’s Share Do Institutions Own?

During its last trading session, the shares of Omega Diagnostics Group closed at 53.50 GBP, 4, 90% higher than the starting point. The share price has improved significantly this week. On Monday, the shares were worth 41.00 GBP. The next day, they rose to 53.26 GBP. On August 25, the shares were trading at a price of 54.50 GBP. Omega Diagnostics Group is a small company with a market capitalization of 97 million pounds. Omega Diagnostics Group has institutional investors, and they own a significant part of the company’s shares. This may indicate that the company enjoys a certain degree of trust in the investment community. As for hedge funds, they do not have significant investments in Omega Diagnostics Group. The largest shareholder is UBS Investment Fund Managers Limited with 11% of the shares outstanding. With 7.7% and 5.1% of shares outstanding, A J Bell Holdings Limited, the asset management division and Barclays Bank, are the second and third largest shareholders.

Lora Nilsson

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