On 350 Million Shares Tesoro Enterprises (TSNP) Pops 30%

Before the merger of Tesoro and Humbl, a company based in Singapore Cyberbeat becomes a partner for Humbl to expand in the Asia Pacific and South Asia. Such optimistic news is now pushing Tesoro (TSNP) shares to soar more than 30% as about 350 million traded shares are already becoming the main factor for further growth.

As compared to last week’s trade TSNP gets higher $0.03 since this Monday. Investors are impatiently waiting for the merger which allows them to witness the changing the brand and stock’s name but the main purpose of waiting is the future jump of the current shares that traders are keeping. If it happens many shareholders will get enormous returns.

There was an assumption of TSNP’s ceiling which is only $0.0315 of November 16’s trade. However, TSNP proves there is a big room for continuous growth. That’s why the current $0.0409 wrecks all the negative expectations.

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Alex Krakowsky

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