On 89 Million Shares Precipio More Than Quadruples

From $1.23 to $7.00 Precipio (NASDAQ: PRPO) jumps instantly right after announcing the commercial launch of the COVID-19 antibody test. Without assisting partners Precipio can’t conduct such great study linked to the pandemic. ADS Biotec aids to distribute its FDA-authorized COVID-19 serology antibody tests.

Unlike Moderna and Vaxart, Precipio copes to create the vaccine without assistance from the Federal government. Thus, taking debts and issuing shares could fund Precipio in proceeding with the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Meaning that micro biotech corporations may create effective vaccines during a pandemic.

Demanding investors bought more than 89 million shares thus increasing Precipio by at least 5 points. Soon, PRPO may rise higher amid ongoing antibody tests. Short term focused traders could try the stock before development of the COVID-19 vaccine.