On 90 Million Shares Milestone Pharmaceuticals More Than Doubles

On Wednesday Milestone Pharmaceuticals fell to $3.34 while other healthcare stocks experienced a significant rise, they are Geovax, Pfizer, BioNTech, and others. However, Moderna and Vaxart decline this week as good news from COVID-19 vaccine development didn’t come yet.

Since the last weeks of March NASDAQ: MIST has been facing flat prices meaning that it didn’t grow or fall seriously while many stocks could become penny or grow to peaks so they turned expensive quickly.

Due to announcing $25 million private placement along with pre-funded warrants MIST blasts off 150% reaching almost $8.00 on 90 million shares. The company didn’t announce any news regarding cardiovascular medicines or COVID-19 vaccine development yet. If Milestone Pharmaceuticals join any COVID-19 vaccine creation venture its shares may triple or quadruple instantly like Moderna, Vaxart, Sintx Technologies, and many more.