On Over 250M Shares Mullen (MULN) Stock Jumps 24%

For so long MULN has been an unstable stock by falling a suffering victim of day traders. Today it is attempting to be delisted from the watchlist of short squeeze gamblers, early quitting traders, and shorters. Right now MULN is surging 28% while an enormous volume of more than 210 shares is exploited.

The stock is gaining now due to strengthening its balance sheet by expecting to report $65 million in cash. Moreover, its CEO adds a comment that the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover program will be started this year and continue Mullen ONE EV Cargo Van development.

Mullen will reveal its ONE model to the market in Q2 2022 but its mass production that can compete with conventional car manufacturers is likely under development. Hopefully, by 2025 Mullen will have the capacity to produce hundreds in a week.

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