Ondas Receives A New Order From A Major Energy Company

Ondas Holdings today announced that its subsidiary, American Robotics, has received a new order from Chevron for its autonomous, FAA-approved Scout Systems. With the emergence of autonomous drones, the oil and gas industry is expected to benefit from the data collected by these machines. Prior to their FAA approval, asset managers manually flew drones to monitor their fields. This partnership with Chevron will make the oil and gas industry achieve better results for further success. Scout System will make better decisions upon receiving the data.


One of the most challenging tasks in maintaining an oil and gas facility is monitoring the hundreds of thousands of acres of assets that are often neglected. American Robotics’ fully-automated drone systems can perform up to 20 autonomous missions a day. Their ability to provide better safety and lower costs will allow the oil and gas industry to implement new technologies. Ondas Holdings is a leading provider of wireless data and drone solutions. American Robotics is a developer of autonomous drones and industrial wireless technology.