Onyx Strikes 80% As The Pre-Sales Finish In No Time

The live price of Onyx is $0.006444 and has a 24-hour trading volume of over $460,569. Currently, it is up 75.78% over the last 24 hours. With a massive open-world setting and gaming platform, Onyx will feature various NFTs ranging from characters to armors and items. All the characters will be fully customizable and used for different cases.  The presale of 250 BNB was conducted on November 24, and it sold out in less than 2 hours. Its total balance was sold out in 24 hours. Onyx has its own wallet logo, it got listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Onyx is a play-based combat game built on the blockchain. Its users can perform a wide range of purchases in their NFTs on various in-game items, such as weapons and armor. The game helps the player to receive more rewards and develop his character, and perform rank-ups. The gameplay is connected to the metaverse of opportunities, where users can earn money while playing the game. As the platform grows, the developers will add more content and improve the overall experience.