Optec International About To Break $0.10 Ceiling: Don’t Miss

One of the most advanced companies in technology, Optec International (OPTI) has struggled a lot to reach the $0.10 mark being in the OTC market. The greatest recent item it has now is an updated website which can be viewed by any device to buy Optec’s several products.

Optec International About To Break $0.10 Ceiling: Don't Miss

No wonder to see OPTI shares climbing 23% on Monday while traders used around 50 million shares in a day. Fuel maximizers and other advanced products of Optec are very much demanded on the roads while EV isn’t capable to conquer all the roads of North America. Hence, the earnings are still secure for about a decade.

So, Optec can surely cross the $0.10 line but $1 might be impossible since it has to come up with a breakthrough tech that can make drivers say “wow”. Meanwhile, boosting the revenue with appropriate marketing strategies could save the company from financial issues. It is very obvious the stock may still keep growing steadily and become volatile after speculators see enough margin to quit.

Optec International About To Break $0.10 Ceiling: Don't Miss

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor