Optec International (OPTI) trying to repeat August’s sharp jump in November

The high tech auto parts manufacturer Optec International (OPTI) gets well known for quick and beneficial contracts with big auto industry players. Reducing the emission became the main credo for Optec as big commercial trucks usually pollute the environment. Especially, North America is the main target for Optec to fight the pollution from petrol and diesel-based engines.

Now many stocks are emerging amid good news from Pfizer. Hence, OPTI shares seem optimistic to grow further while the company is solving major problems of the global village. Very nice to see the increased expenses for Q3 2020 as the company is developing new tech for optimized emission reduction while temp measuring gadgets and air purifiers are somehow covering a small part of expenses.

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Trying the delicious OPTI shares to increase returns could be a very staggering plan for the next week. However, there are still many competitors of Optec in providing sterilizers, air purifiers, and temp measuring devices. Surviving the ‘full of sharks ‘ market is still possible when the shares are very cheap. August’s $0.1476 becomes easier now while the market is free to go after Pfizer’s effective drug.

Michael Rowels

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