Orakler’s Rewards Will Grow Exponentially

One of the coins you might consider at the moment is Orakler. This is a coin that was created not only with a specific set of goals in mind but also offers significant functionality. The cryptocurrency was developed by BSC and also is a decentralized platform of NFT technology, inspired by the NFT gaming world. Besides, in the last 24 hours, the price is enormously skyrocketed from $2.475 to almost $5.48, resulting in a 122% profit. At the same time, the trading volume equaled $9,618,638.75 by 43%.


The platform differs from others in that it offers a stable economy. Orakler is not a simple NFT game; it is a game where you can earn money by playing in which you will have fun. Not only will you be content with the game, but you will also learn about the world of decentralized finance. Earlier, the platform announced that it had increased the reward for each completed level according to the formula f(x)=x * 4 + x2 / 16, where “x” is the level of the potion under study. Before that, users received $ 4 for the $ELIXIR, and now, instead of $ 200, they are given about $ 356.25 (level 50)