Over 1 Million Dollars Worth Of Bitcoin Have Been Sent As Donations To Ukraine

Bitcoin donations from all around the world have been sent into Ukraine. According to WatcherGuru, the amount has reached over $1 million. Come Back Alive, a Ukrainian NGO received over $400,000 in Bitcoin from donors. Other groups, such as hackers and volunteers, also received cryptocurrency.

The money is being used to purchase military equipment and other supplies for the Ukrainian army. After Russia invaded Ukraine in April, the organization received over $300,000 in donations in just a few hours. The funds will be used to purchase military equipment for the Ukrainian soldiers.

Come Back Alive’s page on Patreon was temporarily suspended due to the company’s policy against supporting military activities. According to a report by Elliptic, digital currencies are becoming more popular as a way to support volunteer groups globally.

Cryptocurrency has become a more popular alternative to traditional currencies when it comes to receiving donations. Although it’s usually perceived as negative, sending and receiving cryptocurrency anonymously can be very helpful for individuals and organizations during times of distress.