OVR Token Declines Today: What Should You About OVR Land Map?

OVR is a platform for geolocalized AR and VR experiences based on Ethereum. It has launched its OVR land map, which is a 3D map of the real world with NFTs. Users can create 3D maps of the real world and receive symbolic rewards for scanning smartphones using AR. Part of the support for this event will be received from the proceeds from the sale of OVR land. OVR landowners can increase the value of their OVR land by adding a 3D representation of the real world. OVR said the 3D map would overcome the technical errors of GPS positioning and achieve accurate positioning of AR content.

Despite that, the price of OVR demonstrates negative dynamics; it sharply dropped from $2.45 to a low of $2.18, resulting in an 11% loss during the 24 hours. It has a $62,053,154 market cap with a rank of #623. By now, it is slightly recovered and open at the value of $2.25, and the trading volume totaled $5,743,813. In March, the token peaked at $3.18, but unfortunately, it dramatically has plunged till October. According to the graphs, it can be noticed that the token has recovered well to almost $2.52, giving an All-Time High of -28.2%.