OVR Wants To Create A 3D World Map: How Can You Help And Get A Token At The Same Time?

OVR is a decentralized platform for the metaverse, it is also a digital layer that covers the entire globe, it is made up of 1.6 trillion unusual hexagons (ovrlands). You can earn a token by selling, buying, or renting land. The first 2 actions can be done at auction while the lease can be done in a decentralized way. In addition, content creators gain tokens for creating augmented reality experiences. OVR’s price has been growing for 22 hours, during this period the growth was 11%. Then it fell from $ 1.97 to $ 1.87.

Devenez propriétaire d'un terrain virtuel avec OVR, un écosystème associant la réalité augmentée à laWith the help of artificial intelligence, OVR plans to create a three-dimensional map of the world. What is most attractive is that all users can lend assistance to create the largest such map, for this, there is no need to have any special equipment, just a smartphone is enough. You will receive a token for scanning various locations. This step is very important for OVR AR, as the metaverse will be taken to a completely new level and new economies on OVR will appear. The platform is confident that it will be able to attract the right number of people to implement this intention since a year ago, treasure hunters were able to visit more than 1 million places to collect tokens.