Ozop Energy Solutions (OZSC) Crazily Soars Towards $1 Mark After Recent News

Getting along with Zeem Solutions to develop breakthrough EV charging has just made many pessimistic investors demand more shares of Ozop Energy Solutions/PCTI (OTC: OZSC). The cheapest stock moves up steadily to cross $1 so it can make anyone confident about the EV involved company.

Hopeless OZSC becomes lively this week after it had fallen deeply to $0.0306 on the 15th of January. Around 400 million shares have been trading daily to push the stock further to record high value beyond $0.80. Right now, tech-based whales are considering OZSC while penny speculators are waiting for the shares to pop at least 50%.

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On Monday a new fresh breath will be seen from OZSC that will likely jump above $1 within a couple of hours. So, prepping more than $1000 for the EV connected stock could be a wise step to enrich your portfolio’s potential in upcoming weeks of unpredictable tech stocks.

Uson Abdilazhanov

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