Ozop Energy Solutions Suddenly Jumps 20 Percent: What’s The Buzz?

Ozop Energy Solutions Inc’s (OTC: OZSC) stock is regaining a solid momentum today as the broader markets are moving sharply higher. At 1:55 PM EDT, OZSC stock is trading higher by 19,45% at a session high of $0,076, after hitting a session high of $0,082.

OZSC was the most popular stock back in early 2021 as the stock had a dream run of 4900% in just the first 5 weeks of the year as traders went crazy for several penny stocks. However, after hitting a high of $0.50 in early February, OZSC stock made the reversal and fell back to as low as $0.06 this week. However, it should be noted that the stock is still up about 700% so this year.

This morning, the company stated that it has retained Rubenstein Public Relations. Last week, the company announces the launch of its new sales division with approximately 10,000 sq ft of warehouse and office space. Considering the gains made by the OZSC stock, it might be a good idea for investors to start tracking the stock in the coming weeks.

Emile Ortega

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