PainReform (PRFX) Gains 26% Before Market Hours: What is Your Decision?

PRFX stock was fluctuating at $2.8894 from June 21 till July 6 with the small volatility. After it, the stock fell to $2.6600 and was on this level till July 15. The stock sharply fell down and reached $2.5306 on July 19 which is the lowest one during the last 30 days. After the fall, the stock started to grow at a good pace and reached $3.2199 for today.

PainReform is a specialty pharmaceutical company that is focusing on the revision of the existing therapeutics. It reported about the finishing of the protocol for the company’s Phase 3 clinical trials of the PRF in order to treat the patients who had bunionectomy surgery.

At the report for the financial report for the first quarter which was needed on May 31, it is said that the company’s net loss is $2,041,000. However, comparing to the previous year, where the net loss was $1,296,000 for the first quarter, the climbs made up to 57%.

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