Palladium May Disappoint Investors While Gold Could Reach $1500 Price Point

An electric car has been on trend since Tesla paved a wide way for other automakers’ RnD investments to produce the longest-range electric vehicles. There is an obvious fear in the palladium price fall that reaches till $500 an ounce because automakers will not need the metal for filtering system of petrol backed vehicles soon.

Now the gold price is touching $1463. Yesterday, it was $1453. For speculation based traders this change brings $10 profit. Just imagine if they bought 100 ounces $1000 profit could make them rich within 24 hours. Such nice metal has been the strongest storage of wealth since ancient times. So, the palladium with other metals is holding its price position because of demand from manufacturers while gold is the number one reserve for central banks that rule the financial world.

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Alex Krakowsky

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