PancakeSwap Sharply Drops 21% In A Month: What To Expect?

During the month, the indicators fell by 21.02%. Today, CAKE’s price was $19.16. PancakeSwap is down 2.91% in the last 24 hours. In the Prediction platform, PancakeSwap aims to ensure that CAKE owners and PancakeSwap users make a profit by making predictions. Users will make predictions on the price of BNB/USDT. Pancakeswap states that it has been testing Prediction for 2 weeks, and community members have been using the platform for several days.

However, since the platform is a beta version, it is stated that errors can still occur. The principle of Prediction is based on predicting whether the price of BNB /USDT will rise or fall. After users enter their forecasts, a five-minute process begins. During this period, you can watch the BNB price movement live. At the end of the five-minute period, the closing price of the BNB/USDT price appears on the screen. Those who think that the price will rise will win if they guessed the price above the close. On the contrary, those who predict that the price will fall will benefit if they guess below the closing price.