ParagonsDAO Aims To Create Big Opportunities For Parallel Ecosystem

ParagonsDAO is a project to help the Parallel ecosystem to thrive. Parallel is a digital crypto-collectible game platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Parallel is a platform for creating digital collectibles. On its own, the platform has no value. It’s the content created by users that brings value to the platform as a whole. There are two types of collectibles in Parallel: Masterpieces and Catalyst Drives. Masterpieces are unique cards made by artists, while Catalyst Drives are regular cards that can be found on the marketplace or during tournaments.

The team is committed to building the tools and support needed for Parallel to thrive. In fact, they have already started building out the infrastructure, from scaling a blockchain-based solution for massively multiplayer games to creating DAO tools for in-game governance. They believe this approach will help create a world where new gaming experiences are possible. As developers get more control over their players, it will unlock the ability to create worlds that reward player contribution and create self-sustaining economies.