Parler Brings Former President Donald Trump In NFT World

Parler, a social media platform, launched DeepRedSky, a marketplace for NFT tokens. The platform features a collection of non-fungible tokens, which are called the Official CryptoTRUMP Club. DeepRedSky is a marketplace that aims to redefine the NFT experience by connecting fans and collectors with a variety of brands. George Farmer, the company’s CEO, believes that the launch of an NFT marketplace is a vital step in Parler’s goal of becoming a leader in Web 3.0 technologies.

According to the company, collectors will be able to receive NFTs through their Solana wallets. For its marketplace debut, Parler launched a tokenized collection of 250 images of Donald Trump. The collection includes various variants such as military-dressed, laser-eye, and crowned. The entire collection is currently on sale for $2,750. Eight of these were sold out immediately after the launch. Although Trump’s NFTs are very popular, his wife, Melania, issued her own collection in January 2022. A collection called the Head of State Collection was minted on the Solan blockchain and was later sold for $180,000.